Friday, 12 March 2010

Dear Scotthall Watford BMW

Dear Dealer Principal

I collected my 'new' approved used BMW car from you last night. It cost me a lot of money.

It's my 6th BMW.

It's my 3rd BMW from Scotthall BMW Watford.
There won't Be a 4th.

Here's why:

As of the day of purchase (27th Feb), you had it for 2 full weeks 'in preparation' to your 'exacting standards'.

It's a black car and I collected it in the dark.
But even I saw the dent in the rear bumper.

It's fully loaded.
But the 'electric' wing mirror doesn't work.

I asked for it to be debadged. You even wrote that request down.
But you didn't do it.

You have given out all of your keyrings to customers who bought new '10' plate cars last week.
So I didn't get one (yes, the small things count too).

Collecting a new car should be a highlight of my year - it's one of the reasons I work so hard every day.
This time it wasn't.

I think you should know how disappointing this is.

Shoddy Service, Mr BMW.

Paula Jago.