Friday, 19 June 2009

All change - again!

The Marketing Industry has recently changed in response to the prevailing economic downturn in ways that could not have been envisaged as little as 12 months ago. Two major things have changed – one being the way that work is awarded, briefed and budgeted for by Clients. The other is the nature of that work and the weight of inclusion of different channels. In the same way that the Search arena revolutionised the way that brands approach digital marketing channels 5 years ago, Social Media is currently having a progressively important impact on not just digital channels, but on the whole mix – through the line.
The ATL Vs BTL discussion has been an industry favourite for several years now, but one thing that everyone agrees on is the fact that there will be no line in the future – and once agencies truly embrace this and start to change their models, everyone will benefit, especially Clients.

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