Monday, 7 December 2009

Is Twitter the secret of life?

I love Twitter - it takes a while to get into it, but I now cannot imagine life with out it. I am a working mother - I am out of the house for long hours and when I'm not at work I try to ring fence my time to commit to my family. I spend a lot of my time 'alone', and by that I mean without Hubby there - he's my best friend and the time we spend together is generally accompanied by a flow of comment, observation and mutually enjoyed sarcasm - we laugh a lot. When he's not there with me, I miss being able to share my witticisms with now I tweet them instead - it's like a purging ritual.

I also use twitter to record the random joy of having a 5 year old and his evolving & maturing comment on life and things in general. The observations of a 5 years old are unique - a cataclysmic naivety married with increasing levels of articulation. Add the fact that he has hearing difficulties and this results in often hilarious misquotes and very random output on an almost hourly basis.

So, in truth, I find Twitter comforting, it's a new buddy that just listens to my ramblings, allows me to delete them later if I slipped into withering comment mode, and importantly, allows me to re-live small but important events in the life of my son and as a family unit. Life moves so fast, it's easy to forget the funny bits, and surely those are the bits that need to be captured in order to live a life of positive thinking, which, by the way, I happen to believe is the secret of life.

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