Friday, 8 May 2009

Me and My Comedy Ears.

Anyone who has actually met me will (probably) know that I have what are lovingly referred to as ‘comedy ears’. That’s not in the sense of physical appearance, but more the effects of having lifelong Otosclerosis that is irreversible and results in me being rather deaf. People tend to react with concern at this revelation, but I can assure you that it has been the catalyst for a peaceful life, and many, many funny situations where I have gloriously misheard a question or statement and given a wildly disconnected answer or comment in return. One example of this was when working as a production manager in my mid 20’s, producing an ad for a title that I had heard as the ‘Budgie House Tales’. I had to call the contact at the publication to confirm a point of detail and was tackled by an clipped-accented lady who veritably snorted with derision and corrected me; “My Dear – it’s the Burghley Horse Trials”.

It was around that time that I conceded to hearing aids at work, and the world was suddenly a more serious place.

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